An Innovative MetaGait Device for Mobility Rehabilitation

Helps people with disabilities imitate gait, preventing 30+ diseases

The QaylTech Company


The company was founded after the Four-Day War in 2016 by kinesiologist David Arsenyan, who started treating wounded soldiers and developing mobility rehabilitation solutions. QaylTech brings together professionals in various disciplines - kinesiologists, neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, physicians, engineers, programmers, 3D modeling and virtual reality specialists to help people with disabilities restore their mobility.

The MetaGait Device is patented in Armenia.

The device has been presented in different exhibitions and attracted
great interest of the visitors.

Arab Health 2022

One of the largest exhibitions in the world. The device has attracted great interest of the visitors from the United States, UAE, India, etc.

Seaside Startup Summit

The MetaGait device took second place at the Startup Summit in Dubai.

ArmHighTech Exhibition

MetaGait attracted great interest at the 3rd International Technology Exhibition.

Our products

The QaylTech team creates Made-in-Armenia rehabilitation devices that imitate gait, preventing at least 30 different diseases...


The device is effective, safe and easy to use. It ensures the patient’s balanced standing position.

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The exoskeleton is used for mobility rehabilitation of patients by restoring muscle function & increasing strength.

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Helps people with disabilities imitate gait, preventing 30+ diseases that follow disability.

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Control System

Control systems for safe and
synchronous operation of any
electromechanical motor.

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Electric attachment

An electric attachment specifically
designed for a wheelchair, allowing to
travel at speed of up to 15 km/h.

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Standing Bed

The Standing Bed device is designed
for patients in severe coma, vegetative
state and with spinal cord injuries.

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    Mobility Recovery

    Our Achievements

    In two years, our rehabilitation devices have registered highly positive results and attracted great interest.

    Devices Produced 10

    Patients’ Mobility Recovery 83.3%

    Exhibition Participation 7

    Product Prices

    Select and pre-order an innovative mobility rehabilitation device that addresses the
    patient’s specific needs

    StandEnsures the patient’s balanced standing position. $762

    • Leg Braces
    • Fastening System
    • Unrestricted Body Movement
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    MetaGaitA mobility rehabilitation device that helps to develop a functional gait pattern.$7300

    • Prevents 30+ diseases
    • Remote rehabilitation
    • Creates new neural connections
    Pre-order now

    Electric attachmentDesigned for a wheelchair, helps to overcome long distances and barriers.$980

    • Attaches in 5-9 seconds
    • Speed: 15 km/h
    • Overcomes long distances
    Pre-order now

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