The device is effective, safe and easy to use. It ensures the patient’s balanced standing position.



The device is effective, safe and easy to use. Its clamps, and chest and knee joint fixings ensure the patient’s balanced standing position.

The stand helps the patient’s family members to give the most effective care. The specially designed fastening system guarantees safety, and ensures upper limbs free movement.

The rotating wheels make it easy to move the device (even the patient can do it). The device offers highly effective solutions, thanks to which the patient can easily overcome various daily problems. The device motivated the patient to “fight”, and overcome the mobility issues, caused by injuries or illnesses.


The device is easy to use. It is intuitively assembled and controlled. There are brakes on the wheels, which make transportation easier.

The thoracic girdle ensures the body upright position.

Leg braces hold the knees, adjusting the height and depth. Each knee can be adjusted separately.

Each foot is adjusted separately with the fixing belts.

The table can be moved back and forth, up and down.

All the safety standards are taken into consideration.


The stand is recommended for children, adolescents and adults with the following diagnoses:

Cerebral palsy,

Spina Bifida,

Brain and spinal cord injuries,

Demyelinating disorders (multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, etc.),

Muscle paralysis,

Genetic disorders that occur with limb paralysis,

After a traumatic brain injury,

After a spinal injury,

After spinal cord injury.