Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

How does MetaGait help improve health?

The device has a dynamic effect on the musculoskeletal system, reduces the risk for osteoporosis, stimulates the respiratory system, improves blood circulation, prevents urinary tract infections and degeneration, improves joint mobility, and boosts patients’ psychological and emotional state.

How is MetaGait controlled?

The device is controlled by the sensors, control panels, and an Oculus Quest 2 device

designed by QaylTech.

Is MetaGait an innovation in the medical field?

MetaGait is an innovation in the rehabilitation field of medicine. It enables remote neurorehabilitation, allowing to count a patient’s steps, distance, and calories burned. It combines therapy with VR games, creating multiplayer teams, activating the muscle memory of the brain and forming new neural connections.

What VR games are available?

MetaGait skiing

The game is designed for adults and children. The patients undergo rehabilitation therapy through extreme and emotional involvement.


The game presents different places in Armenia (such as Tatev Monastery, and later, St. Ghazanchetsots Cathedral and Lake Sevan), where the patient can walk, get acquainted with the environment, and take virtual tours.


Virtual games should be played with time intervals and last less than 2 hours.

MetaGait is contraindicated for patients with the following diseases:

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