Let’s help out veterans get back on their feet

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Let’s help out veterans get back on their feet

Many war veterans lost their mobility due to various injuries, and their health condition is getting worse. Moreover, they are at risk of getting at least 30 different diseases.

Today our veterans urgently need our support. With this purpose in mind, the MetaGait project has been created on the reArmenia collaboration platform (rearmenia.com).

David and his team found the solution

After the Four-Day War (2016), kinesiologist David Arsenyan started treating wounded soldiers and developing the initial version of MetaGait.

Then David founded the QaylTech company. A big team, composed of neurologists, therapists, engineers, programmers, 3D modeling and virtual reality specialists, was working on the development of the final version of MetaGait. With this device, our veterans and children with cerebral palsy can do physical therapy at home to restore their mobility.


  • MetaGait is patented in Armenia.
  • The device was presented in the UAE and received positive reviews.
  • The initial version of MetaGait is now used in various medical rehabilitation centers.
  • Thanks to the MetaGait device, one of our veterans started walking again.

    By supporting the MetaGait project, you can change lives for 97 patients and help them walk again.

What is MetaGait?

The innovative MetaGait device has four components:

  • Gait rehabilitation device allows patients to practice independently,
  • Special sensors locate immobile muscles and their activity during therapy,
  • VR headset,
  • Virtual games activate the muscular memory of the brain and help restore a functional gait pattern.

You can support this important project

The project implementation involves production of 35 devices, their transportation and maintenance. The devices will be provided to the patients most urgently in need of rehabilitation. 

$156,000 are needed for the production of 35 devices.

MetaGait is a unique innovation

The MetaGait device helps restore the mobility of our war-injured soldiers and a functional gait pattern of the children with cerebral palsy. And in the future we are planning to sell this technology in different countries around the world. 

It is our turn to support our veterans.

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