Our unity has brought this unique Armenian innovation to life

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Our unity has brought this unique Armenian innovation to life

QaylTech united different professionals, including kinesiologists, neurologists, rehabilitation therapists, physicians, engineers, programmers, 3D modeling specialists, and virtual reality specialists.

They have all dedicated their lives to this important cause, being in constant contact with patients and rehabilitation centers, to follow up on the work of MetaGait and the results produced thus far.


  • Helps restore the mobility of war-injured soldiers.
  • Promotes a functional gait pattern development in children with cerebral palsy.
  • Allows the use in a vertical position.
  • Enables patients to do physical therapy at home, and doctors can remotely track the therapy.
  • Includes sensors to collect data on number of steps, distance, and calories burnt.
  • Solves the issue of soldiers’ lack of socialization. Through the therapy, they can play VR games with other players.
  • Ensures entertainment during the therapy.
  • Includes VR games that activate the muscle memory of the brain and form new neural connections.
  • Game scenes are adapted, depending on the muscle group the patient needs to work on.
  • Contributes to the development of virtual tourism in Armenia by taking patients to Tatev Monastery; St. Ghazanchetsots Cathedral, Lake Sevan and other sites will be added soon
  • Can be sold in a global market in the future.

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