Small steps to great results

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Small steps to great results

Adobe Armenia donated money for more than 1 MetaGait. We want to tell a very exciting story about how the money was raised.

On March 8, instead of giving each other gifts, AdobeArmenia employees together decided to help our compatriots with disabilities by donating money to the “MetaGait” project.

Adobe Armenia, being a socially responsible company, DOUBLES any donations made by any of its employees.

This time the company joined the MetaGait project with its employees, DOUBLE the collected sum.

Adobe Armenia employee Tatevik Chilingaryan encourages everyone to unite around the MetaGait project, following his team’s example.

“I have been thinking for a long time about what motivates people to donate.

The answer is one: believing in an idea that will become a reality. With MetaGait, words and thoughts have already turned into action…

When a person’s meaning extends beyond his or her own life, a very large social value is formed that we could not participate in.”

Thank you very much!

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